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Today, 9% of skin cancers are Melanoma. Curaderm BEC5 treats other skin cancers with great results !
Curaderm BEC5 is the only skin cancer cream that kills cancer cells and not good healthy cells! This is the only clinically proven treatment with over 2 decades of research /clinical experience that is effective on basal cell, squamous cell, keratoses, Keratocamthomoas (small cell skin cancer) sun spots and age spots. It is not at this point used for Melanoma and should not be. Over 100,000 people world wide have been treated with a very high success rate and clinical trials include the Royal London Hospital UK as well as Australia. One trial of 70 patients produced a 100% cure. The active ingredient is solasodine glycosides from the aubergine known as eggplant. Unlike surgery or laser, it is much cheaper and less traumatic when applied and causes minimal no scarring. Go to history to find out about the Professor who invented Curaderm and where it is from!

Curaderm BEC5 on Dr Oz (US) Television Show

There are many articles and videos on famous Professor (Dr.) Bill Elliot Chamm. The well known Dr. Oz show on American TV had Dr. Joseph Mercola praising the amazing results and effects of CuradermBec5 on non melanoma skin cancers like Squamous Cell and Basal Cell Cancers, along with Keratosis and Sun Spots / Age Spots. Link to article .

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All our products prevent skin cancer growth and are anti-ageing!


(Basal Cell Carcinoma)

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Dr. Bill Cham


  • Sun Spots
  • Age Spots
  • Keratoses
  • Squamous Cell Cancers (Carcinomas – SCC)
  • Basal Cell Cancers (Carcinomas – BCC)
  • Keratoacanthomas (small cell cancers)
  • Over 25 years research UK / Australia
  • Suntan Cream - Diagnostic
  • shows up keratoses
  • skin cancer
  • Organic natural product
  • From eggplant glycoalkaloids
  • Usually NO SCARRING
  • Home use cream - twice daily
  • Curaderm team support (nurse specialist)
  • Send us your photos of your healing
  • We care!